local lunch

I totally scored fresh local arugula this morning at the farmer’s market. I was so excited. It’s snowing and there’s this bucket of fresh, local green stuff. AND it was only $1 a bunch. I bought 2. I may regret not having purchased more. Berry Patch Farms brought it and it sold out in about an hour. 

I also scored some eggs, potatoes, and onions from Kiowa Valley, and some cheddar from Twin Mountain Milkhouse (I love their cheddar entirely too much).

For lunch today I had an entirely local meal. I made a cheddar-arugula omelette. 

The ingredients:

butter from Robinson’s Dairy

eggs from Kiowa Valley

arugula from Berry Patch Farms

cheddar from Twin Mountain Milkhouse

The salt and pepper were the only non local things in this meal. But really, is there salt or pepper from Colorado that can be found?

Tomorrow I’m going to experiment with 100% local baking. I’ve got local raw honey and local flour now. Can I bake something delicious with that? I sure hope so! I know I can at least get some delicious no-knead bread, so that there’ll be no need to go to the store for sandwich bread this week.

This afternoon I’m going to attempt the boatneck t-shirt from the Build by Wendy Sew U: the Home Stretch book.

It’s going to be magenta/purply colored with yellow buttons and yellow top stitching.

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