An Herbal First Aid Kit

I’ve been studying herbal medicine lately and I’m planning an herbal first-aid kit. My thoughts are that I could also sell the kit at the Farmer’s Markets and on etsy and such.

Would you be interested in an herbal first aid kit?

Here are some of the things I’m thinking of including:
an all-purpose healing salve
a sore muscle salve
tinctures for headaches
a styptic powder or tincture
anti-sting poultice herbs
and some other things as I come up with them. Maybe a general women’s health tonic tincture, or an allergy tincture?

And they’d all be packaged in a nice portable first aid kit box or bag. Not decided yet.

1 thought on “An Herbal First Aid Kit

  1. girl– you should totally do this and sell it at the farmers market. i think it would be a big hit!!!! i would buy one… or even two with my store credit


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