Some thoughts

I was reminded of a semi-past-time of mine today. I like to look at things in the grocery store and think to myself “before we had grocery stores, someone had to make that. If someone made that, I can make that. What would it be like to make ________?” This may get me in trouble some day. But, so far, so good. I figured it’d be fun to make a list of the things that I either can make or do make on a regular basis that is usually bought at the store in the state that you use it.

So, here goes, things I now make that I used to only buy at the store:

pickles (seriously, I’ll pickle anything)
jams and fruit butters
soy milk
cakes and pies
winter coat
all-purpose cleaner
tub and tile cleaner
toilet cleaner
face cleaner
face oil
face mask
lip balm
duvet cover
pillow cases
yarn (I LEARNED HOW TO SPIN!!!! When I get my first skein done and my first project knitted, you’ll be hearing ALL about it.)
ice cream
hard apple cider

And now with my next list, things I’ve not made yet that are on my list to learn to make SOON:

bagels – and with Joy’s success I’m not so intimidated!

cheese – I went to a cheese making class this year and the guy messed up mozzarella!

dresses – OK, so I’ve made a few dresses, but that was a long time ago and I’ve got a few on the drawing board and I can’t get over my fear of them right now. I want so bad to make this really cute dress I have in my head but I’m terrified that I’ll mess up the dress and ruin the awesome fabric.

crackers – I ❤ crackers. I don't like them having all kinds of crap in them. So, I should make them.

SHOES – this is the biggest one for me right now. I want so bad to learn how to make shoes. Just check this guy out on YouTube. The shoes he makes are amazing. I’ve watched every. single. video. He teaches shoemaking, too. You can apprentice with him also. I want to apprentice to a master shoemaker. I want to make my own shoes so bad. I also want to make custom lasts that exactly match my feet. Do you think that if I watch these videos enough times all of his knowledge will be imparted to me and that I’ll be able to make shoes? ‘Cause I don’t think I can afford the apprenticeship fee. [sigh] Just think about it for a while. Making shoes is something that very few people know how to do. I can already make almost all of my other clothes. If I could make my own shoes I’d be set. I could have days where I wear only clothes that I have made myself. All the way down to, well, my shoes and socks. I know, I’m a dork. And a nerd. But not a dweeb.

knickers – not underwear, the pants that button below the knee and are made of tweed. I really want to ride my bike in knickers this summer. yes, it’ll be hot. no, I don’t care. I’ll be hot in anything this summer.

t-shirts – oh man oh man, my last attempt at sewing jersey was the worst disaster I can imagine. Boatneck shirts don’t have a neckline that hits below your boobs. Just sayin’. ‘Cause mine totally did.

jeans – if I can figure out how to make jeans that fit me awesomely I’ll never have a bad shopping day again. Also, the less I go shopping the happier I am. Stores stress me out.

I think that’s about it for now, I’m sure there are more things I’ll think of later…

1 thought on “Some thoughts

  1. I'm embarking on a challege for 2011 to become more self sufficient and use fewer convenience products. Your list is really inspiring to me and I hope you'll be sharing even more of your recipes and techniques as well as continuing to try new things. You're a great pioneer for the rest of us! 🙂


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