An Update

I’ve been trying my best to get over my sewing block. I have this fear that I’m going to mess up all the amazing fabric that I have. I’m paralyzed. I can’t cut into my fabric. It’s gorgeous Anna Maria Horner cotton voile. I need to make some awesome things for my summer wardrobe. I’m trying to make the Cabo Halter by Amy Butler.

This is the fabric that I want to make it out of. Pistachio-green and Robins Egg-blue cotton voile. I made a muslin, but there wasn’t room for the zipper. So I redrew the pattern and added room for the zipper and I pulled the center front up about an inch. It was waaaaaay too boob-alicious as the pattern was originally drawn. Some cleavage is all well and good, but I don’t want to show mine off to the whole world. No thank you. Especially since I teach high school. I was hoping to wear this under a cardigan to work. We’ll see. It may be something only for summer and not work. I think I’m also going to alter the pattern a bit more so that I can have the halter straps attached to the back so that I don’t have to tie it all the time. That usually makes my neck hurt. I’ve made a muslin from the altered pattern already. I just need to work on the straps.

Next up, my recent knitting adventures…

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