A Ravelry Revelation

I’ve been a member of Ravelry for a while now. But only recently have I really really gotten into it. It’s a serious problem. Is there a Ravelrers Anonymous that I can join? ‘Cause it’s getting out of hand. I have a tab always open with it. I love looking at all of the cool things that people do to make the patterns their own. I love seeing the pattern adjustments and all of the different yarns. It’s a time drain though.

But, I think it’s also a major encouragement. There are so many awesome projects and patterns on there that I want to knit. I never knew I wanted to knit a shawl until two weeks ago. I thought shawls were old and fuddy duddy. But I’m knitting a shawl now.

In peacock blue malabrigo sock yarn nonetheless. It’s going really well, too. I love the pattern, I love the yarn, I love how the yarn knits up. I’m addicted.

The pattern that I’m knitting is called Simple Things. You can find it’s Ravelry page here.

I’ve made significant progress considering how busy my life has been lately. I’m pretty proud of how much I’ve actually gotten done!

Isn’t that yarn gorgeous?!? The eyelets in the middle are so fun. I’m smitten. If you’re related to me, what color do you want for Christmas? 😉

Also, knitted and felted shoes. Yes. Yes, please. I can’t wait to get the yarn for this pattern. I’m thinking that I can sew on some leather or maybe a jute/hemp sole and then wear them outside. It’ll feed into my obsession with making my own shoes.

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