Planning & Sewing

If you haven’t heard yet, Collette Patterns is having an Almost Summer 30% off sale. You just have to sign up for their newsletter to get the coupon code.

I’m in love with a lot of their patterns. They have a vintage vibe that is really awesome. I like the fact that the patterns are so well designed that they look good on a wide range of body-types. That is the mark of a great designer in my opinion. Check out the gallery to see what I’m talking about.

I got my coupon code and promptly placed an order. Now I just have to decide which one to make first. And in what fabric.

Well, I know already what I’m making first. I first fell in love with Rooibos. Just check out those details. Pockets! Piping! Cute neckline! I’m in love. Now I just have to figure out what fabric to make this out of. I hate synthetics, so those are out. Cotton? Silk? Wool? I’m thinking my first one will be cotton since it’s summer. Although, the Parfait pattern is also on it’s way and that’s a mighty fine sun dress. I think I want to make that one out of a gingham or a seersucker. I may even make that one first so that I can wear it when I go to the beach for my sister’s wedding.

I’ve set a goal for myself: I’m going to be in FL for 3 days, I want to have handmade clothes to wear for each day. I’ve already got one dress. Now I need 2 more dresses or at least a dress and a shirt. Maybe a bathing suit?? I think that’s pushing it a little too far. A girl can dream, can’t she?

I think though that the mini-bloomers that come as a free pdf pattern on Collette’s site are a necessity for sleepwear or at least as a swimsuit cover-up.

I have too many things I want to make.

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