An Obsession: Pygmy Goats

OK, you guys, one day I NEED to have pygmy goats.

Seriously. I NEED THEM. Look at them!!!!!!!!

I have been known to giggle uncontrollably and hysterically when looking at pictures of them.

True story: I did a google image search one day before I knew the power of the pygmy goat. I was hysterical for an hour just looking at the pictures. I think I only looked at 3 pictures. I couldn’t stop giggling insanely. Nate got worried.

LOOK AT THEM! I need some as pets. I want to love them, and squeeze them, and hug them, and call them George.

One day. One day I will have pygmy goats to play with every day. First I need a yard.

Also, I need a sheep.

So I can shear it and spin it’s wool and then make a sweater and take a picture of me and the sheep that the sweater came from.

But I can’t handle doing that with a dog. This guy can:

He looks rather pleased with himself, don’t you think?

Me: Hello there strange Scottish man and dog.

Strange Scottish man: Why hello there, lass.

Me: What are you doing?

SSM: Oh, just out for a hike by the loch with me pup in this fine weather we’re having here.

Me: That’s a mighty fine sweater you have on there.

SSM: What, this old thing? It’s nothing, it’s just spun from the hair of me pup here.

Me: Wow. You just said that. And you kept a straight face.

Also, why is he Scottish?

And why is it OK to me to take a picture with the sheep the wool came from but not OK to take a picture with the dog the wool came from?

That’s probably because it creeps me out that this man saved THAT MUCH DOG HAIR. Seriously, that’s a good sized sweater. That takes a fair amount of dog hair to spin into that amount of yarn.

I wonder if the dog likes it when he wears the sweater? He smells just like the dog I bet.

Just don’t ever get caught in the rain in one of these sweaters. You will lose all of your friends.

For more portraits of sweaters and their dogs: click here. Ignore the creepy body builders flickering on the page and click on “dogwool” on the left.

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