Thoughts on a Summer Wardrobe

I think it’s no secret that I LOVE making things.

One of my friends recently dubbed me a “ninja of doing shit.” So yeah, I pretty much have to always be doing something.

Right now I’m making plans for a summer wardrobe that will probably NEVER come into existence. Or maybe about half of it will. I always aim high.

Colette Violet Blouse

Colette Violet Blouse

The first item on my list is about 12,689 different versions of the Colette Violet Blouse. I just finished my first one this past weekend (pics to come soon!) in red and white gingham. I have discovered that I loathe facings. For me they make wearing the garment very frustrating. I just can’t ever get facings to lay flat when I wear them. So I altered the pattern a bit. I added a button placket and doubled the back yoke.

Now that I have one, it’s my favorite shirt. I’ve worn it 3 times in the  4 days since I finished it. So I’m thinking another 2 or 3 would be awesome. And I have some vintage fabric I’m thinking about for those 2 or 3.

Vintage Vogue 8728

Vintage Vogue 8728

I surprise myself with this one – I don’t usually go for dresses like this Vintage Vogue reissue. But, I really want to make this pattern out of cotton jersey. Maybe in a grey or a peacock blue. I think it would end up my favorite summer dress in a lot of ways. But only if I added pockets. Cute, jersey, easy to wear, pockets, what more could you ask for in a summer dress??

Colette Crepe Dress

Colette Crepe Dress

I finally picked up some fabric to use as an underlining for this fabulous but quite sheer fabric I found at an estate sale a few months back. So, I’m totally making the Colette Crepe Dress this summer. Another candidate for best summer (or probably year-round) dress ever. Pockets strike again!

Colette Parfait Dress

Colette Parfait Dress

I’ve made this dress twice so far. I want to make it about 50 more times. It’s my favorite dress to wear. Ever. Whenever this dress is clean (and I’m not working), I always put it on. It’s pretty fast when you’ve made it at least once already. So I’m thinking this will be a definite for this summer. Again in a nice vintage fabric I picked up at an estate sale.

And so far it looks like all I want to wear this summer are dresses. But that’s not quite true!

BurdaStyle 6005 Ruby Shorts

BurdaStyle 6005 Ruby Shorts

I also have these shorts on my wishlist. But I’m not sure what kind of fabric to make them in. And I think I need 2 back pockets. I’m probably going to make them in dark selvedge denim. And maybe a grey linen or something light weight? I don’t actually own any shorts right now so I’m kind of at a loss for fabric ideas. What do people make shorts out of??

BurdaStyle 6006 Anita Jeans

BurdaStyle 6006 Anita Jeans

I’m really looking forward to making my own jeans. I’m going to attempt this at the END of the summer. I want to make a pair of jeans for both me and Nate out of selvedge denim. I think I’ll try to use the BurdaStyle Anita Jeans pattern. The technical drawing above makes me a bit nervous though. Why is there a button flap on the waist band that is not aligned with the fly? That does not look right to me.

I think this is MORE than enough to keep me busy this summer. The only thing is, I also want to make some new pieces for work while I have so much time this summer. The dresses could probably double as work wear. But we have a below knee length dress code (yes, kneecaps are scandalous to teenage boys and girls). So we’ll see what I actually get done and what I throw aside for more appealing projects.


One thought on “Thoughts on a Summer Wardrobe

  1. oh i love the vintage vogue reissue, now i need one! as for the rubys, i’ve made them out of: denim twice, i altered the pattern to make flat front, side zip rubys out of navy linen and i know a ton of other bloggers have made them (including zoe herself). as long as you interface the buttonholes (so they don’t pull), you can make them out of almost any fabric 🙂


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