Me-Made-June Day 2

Today was the last day with students. We had a few final presentations of learning and then tonight we had our annual senior dinner. So I had to dress fancy. On my list of things to sew at some point is a fancy dress or cocktail dress, something like that. But I haven’t done that yet so I wore my red polka dot Parfait dress.

Me Made June Day 2

Red polka dot Parfait dress

Outfit details:

Dress: Red polka dot Parfait dress: fabric from Joanne’s, price? something rather cheap, I had the ubiquitous 50% off at Joanne’s coupon.
Shoes: white Dr. Scholl’s exercise sandals, thrifted, $2
Sweater: Banana Republic, 3 years ago I think
Jewelry: locket, Valentine’s day present from Nate; gold bangle, 16th birthday present from Gran; earrings, large saddlebags in Olive wood, from OneTribe

Pattern notes: Once again I have one word for you: facings. So I just cut 2 of the bodice and self lined the bodice. Worked like a charm and makes this dress more comfortable to wear for me. All the seams on the skirt are French seams. I love that there are no raw edges inside my dress. 🙂

I think I’ve expressed my everlasting love for the Parfait dress more than enough times already, but I’ll do it again. I L-O-V-E LOVE this dress. I’m totally making another one this summer. One can never have enough cute dresses. I like that it’s the perfect summer dress but it also can be worn with sweaters and tights to transition into colder weather!

Also, I really love these shoes. I have 2 pairs now. I think they are so cute and summery, especially with this dress.

I try to steer away from black accessories with this dress because I feel it can quickly veer into the realm of cartoony (uh, Minnie Mouse, anyone?). The lighter accessories also dress it up more.

If you’ve not already made the Parfait dress, I highly recommend it!

2 thoughts on “Me-Made-June Day 2

  1. You look GORGEOUS in that dress! They do a great job at showing off those lovely legs and slender ankles of yours. I agree with your opinion in reference to the Dr Scholls Exercise sandals. They ROCK! Thank you for posting the lovely picture. Carry on Goddess!


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