Planter Box!

My darling husband Nate does metal work and design work. He is pretty much the best husband ever.

You see, I need a garden. Badly. But we live in a 600 square foot apartment in the middle of the city. And we love where we live. So I don’t have a garden.

I’ve made do this year with a window box in my classroom. But I want more!

So I came home yesterday to find that Nate had merged his metalworking skills with my gardening desire. Here’s the result:

Aluminum Planter Box

Aluminum Planter Box

He’s promised me several more of these. I hope the neighbors and landlord like them as much as I do!

Should I cover the back walkway/fire escape in them? They hang on the outside of the railing so they do not impede traffic up and down the fire escape.

Planter Box

Planter box from the front

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