Me-Made-June Day 3

MMJ D3 Cheeseman Park

Day 3, in Cheeseman park for our daily walk, 80 degrees, no clouds, I ❤ Denver

I love Fridays. The school I teach at has a 4 day school week so I always have Fridays off. Nate and I got up and took a walk in Cheeseman Park this morning. It was perfect. Blue skies, no clouds, crazy people sunbathing in public. I love Denver. I really appreciate how Denverites actually USE their parks. If people don’t use them then the city/state/government will stop paying for them.

MMJ D3 park

And it has pockets!

Outfit details:
Dress: jersey t-shirt dress; self-drafted pattern; fabric from Joanne’s, some cotton-poly blend (I ❤ stripes). I call this my Saturday dress, or my weekend dress. It’s comfy, cute, and comfy, and not jeans and a t-shirt so I feel a bit more dressed up when I wear it. And I took major pains to match the stripes on the side seams and on the pockets.
Purse: vintage leather Coach purse, thrifted
Shoes: Toms. Let me be frank: Toms are MAJORLY comfortable, but they wear out in 6 months, tops. I hate that about them and will probably never buy them again because of that.

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