Me-Made-June Days 9-14

This is the first time I’ve tried to take a picture every single day, and it’s a picture of me for that matter. I’m not good at remembering daily things.

You want me to take these antibiotics at the same time every day? Whoops, I completely forgot about them for 3 days!

I’m supposed to eat breakfast everyday? Really?

You get the idea…

All of this is to say: I forgot to take pictures on 2 days. This is my first time trying this, please forgive me. I will tell you what I wore. I could reenact the outfits if enough people actually care. ๐Ÿ˜‰

*Denotes me-made items in the following list.

Day 9
This was our LAST day of moving at school. And our last day in that awful building. To top it all off, when I arrived in the morning I found a homeless man had drug a FULL SIZED MATTRESS on to the front porch area OF A HIGH SCHOOL and had passed out next to his beer and vodka bottles. Yep. Our neighborhood is that awesome. This kind of stuff happened all the time at this building. We’re glad to leave.
( ๐Ÿ˜ฆ no pic today)
What I Wore: jeans, black toms shoes, green short-sleeved cardigan, and my Coloring Garden Cabo Halter*.
Where I Wore it: to finish packing and moving
Wear It Again: totally. This top and cardigan combo is something I wear frequently.

Day 10
What I Wore: black jenny pencil skirt*, magenta tank top, safari wrap blouse, black sandals
Where I Wore It: Graduation! Our last official work day before summer. I know the photographer we had there got pics of me, so there is actual photographic evidence somewhere. You may remember the black pencil skirt from Day 1. I left my top untucked for graduation. I rode my bike in the pencil skirt and it worked. Graduation was on Auraria Campus, downtown. It is impossible to drive to and they like it that way. Once you get there then you have to pay a lot to park. So I biked. It was fast. We went out to eat afterwards as a staff. I biked there, too. I beat everyone – I was the first to arrive!
Wear It Again: totally. But probably mainly as a work outfit. This one was not my usual style, so I won’t wear it often on its own.

Day 11

MMJ Day 11

That's my Nate behind me

What I Wore: saffron Parfait dress*, green cardigan, white exercise sandals, valentine’s locket.
Where I Wore It: on a thrifting adventure with Nate and Judy. We went to about 3 different ARC thrift stores in about 4 hours.
Wear It Again: totally! This dress is one of my all time favorite me-mades. I would wear it every day just about if I could get away with it. I love the color, I love the fit, I love everything about this dress!

Day 12
Jazz in the Park

MMJ Day 12

I think this looks like I'm about to go to the beach...

What I Wore: blue weekend dress*, grey & white stripey cardigan (from a clothing swap), owl necklace, black sandals
Where I Wore It: just hanging around the house in the morning, then we went to Jazz in the Park on Sunday night.
Wear It Again: You know, I got this cardigan at a clothing swap probably 6 months ago. I had never worn it until this month. Now I’ve worn it twice. I’m not sure the style is something I’m in love with, but it is comfortable, and more versatile than I previously believed. I feel like this outfit is something you’d see on people strolling by the beach. Why, I don’t really know… I love these t-shirt dresses I made. This one doesn’t have the pockets that the other one has, but that’s OK. I love wearing them.

Day 13

MMJ Day 13

Walter is peeking around the corner, he was confused

What I Wore: red gingham Violet blouse*, jeans, black sandals
Where I Wore It: cleaning house. Yep, now that it’s summer I decided to start it off with a bang: house cleaning. I didn’t get a picture of my brown gingham apron I had on most of the day while cleaning. It’s handmade, also. Just not by me. It was a thrift find.
Wear It Again: I love this blouse. I want to make another one. Nate isn’t a big fan of the Peter Pan collar though. But I love this shirt. So I’ll have to brave his apathy and make another one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 14

MMJ Day 14

I look really small. Nate took this picture and he's really tall...

What I Wore: Deep Impact polka dot dress*, green cardigan, olive wood bracelet and hoops, green bracelet, valentine’s locket, Frye engineer boots.
Where I Wore It: biking around, to the library, and to the studio.
Wear It Again: totally. This outfit is a standard with me, from the cardigan down to the boots. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this dress for a while. The drawing promised it to be much cuter than I thought it was at first. The problem seems to be it’s lack of shape. But I’ve decided I don’t care if it is lacking in shape. I love how comfy it is so I wear it regularly. I’m actually considering making another one because it is so comfortable. And it instantly looks better than jeans while being probably even more comfortable than jeans. Yay!

From here on out I’m going to try to remember and not have to do another round up, but we’ll see. Thanks for your patience!

2 thoughts on “Me-Made-June Days 9-14

    • Thanks! I buy way too much polka dot fabric. It’s bordering on obsession. I’ll send you the rug knitting pattern with a letter soon!


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