WIP: Palm Beach Tunic

Last summer I made a swimsuit. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

This summer I have decided to make a swimsuit cover-up:


from the Built by Wendy: Dresses book

This is the pattern I’ve decided on. I think it’ll be a perfect swimsuit cover-up. So yesterday I traced out the pattern and began with the specified alterations. Once I was done with that I cringed and cut into this fabric:


blue and white gauzy fabric

I picked this up at the ARC one Saturday for about $1.50. I shouldn’t be scared to cut into it, but I can’t help it. I always cringe when cutting into fabric for the first time. This fabric is so sheer. Majorly sheer. So I figured instead of trying to fight that and make a garment that you can’t see through out of fabric you can see through I’d just go with it. Who cares if y0u can see through your swimsuit cover-up. Not me.

Palm Beach Tunic WIP

no sleeves yet

The contrast fabric is from a 100% cotton white sheet I got from the ARC for $1. So far this cover-up has cost me about $1.60. I barely used any of the sheet.

You can see how sheer the fabric is by looking at the hanger under the shoulders.

I’m using all french seams on this garment, they are usually the best for sheer fabrics.

I may also add a belt since this doesn’t have much shape.

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