Stupid internets and Me Made June Day 23


So our internet has been going haywire since the couch fire. I’ve been able to connect for 3 minutes at a time before our computer is just unable to connect. This means I’ve not had any luck uploading posts lately.

I apologize. So we’re going to try this app on my phone until I find a working laptop and a cheap coffee house with free WiFi.

So here’s today’s MMJ outfit taken by Nate on my camera phone.

What did you wear: lime green short sleeved cardigan, grey & white tank from Target, black cotton/linen Jenny pencil skirt (me made).

Where did you wear it: drinking coffee on the fire escape with Nate while looking at our arugula seedlings (which I really need to start calling by their alternate name: rocket), working in our newly re-arranged studio. I’m making a to do list for summer, fall/work, and wardrobe basics. I’m really excited about making underwear. Boring? No way! Bring on the stripes and crazy colors!

Wear it again: actually, yeah. I like this top/skirt combo.

Day 23 and the studio

Day 23 outfit and the studio

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