100% local meal: spinach and farm cheese omelette & salad

omlette and salad

yay for local veggies!

This was my breakfast on Tuesday. 100% local. Yes, sometimes I crave veggies for breakfast. It’s good, you should try it some time!

For this meal I  made a salad of fresh greens from the Harrison Street Farm (we don’t really have a name for it, I just make up names) along with fresh peas (sugar snap and English) and a sliced radish. I crumbled on some farm cheese that I accidentally made and drizzled the whole thing with good olive oil and threw on some salt and pepper.

For the omelette I used 3 eggs from the farm where we get our milk share, a splash of raw milk, more of the accidental cheese, some chopped up spinach from the Harrison House Front Yard Farm, and some more radish. When I make omelettes I always whisk the eggs with a splash of milk. I don’t know why I do this, I just like the results.

close up

close up!

Just look at all of that local goodness. I felt immediately better upon eating this. It is true. My body has been anxiously awaiting local veggie season.

3 thoughts on “100% local meal: spinach and farm cheese omelette & salad

  1. you whisk the eggs with milk because that’s how mom always does it….i do that too, lol! it’s funny to see you using and eating eggs and milk. though, i actually ate some of Clays scrambled eggs the other night….about half an egg or so worth, and i didn’t die of coughing fits and i could still breath!


    • So THAT’S where I get it from! We’re getting farm eggs lately. They are so delicious. I have to get 2 dozen a week ’cause Nate eats SO many eggs.


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