WIP: yarn-caned chair bottom feat. Nate

chair bottom

beginning the weaving

Nate & I found this neat old chair in the alley behind our apartment a few weeks ago. The chair had a caned bottom that had been busted out. But busted cane bottoms are actually pretty easy to fix/redo, just so long as you have a few hours to devote to it.

And Nate is always doing awesome things around the apartment. He’s quite handy to have around.

Nate started looking around for something to redo the seat with and found some of my 100% cotton double worsted weight yarn that I’ve been using for Absorba, the Great Bathmat. I’ve got an extra cone hanging out (long story) so he figured it would work really well.

Country Wisdom and Know-How

chair caning instructions courtesy of Country Widsom and Know-How

For some reason, Nate remembered seeing caning instructions in the Country Wisdom and Know-How book, so he pulled it out and got started.

Nate caning

Nate caning away

So my husband is pretty cool. He totally fixed a chair that was destined for the landfill AND made it look really cool. I’ll post final pics when it’s done. In the meantime, you should all go read Country Wisdom and Know-How, it’s a great resource for just about everything.

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