A Merger

So, I finally got around to importing all of my blog posts from my old old blog.

Um, it’s EASY. No clue why I didn’t know it would be easy. The comments and everything came with it all.

So, if you’re interested in the stuff I used to do – which isn’t so different from the stuff I currently do – check out the archives.

Here are my personal favorites, just click on the pictures to check out the recipes:

Scones! The PERFECT recipe

Scones! The PERFECT recipe


Blood Orange Marmalade Recipe

Blood Orange Marmalade Recipe

I hope you all enjoy this fun step back in time!

1 thought on “A Merger

  1. Just checked out your blood orange marmalade post! It looks wonderful, and that photo of the blood oranges is gorgeous. I’ve book marked it to make as soon as we’re fully into citrus season.


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