I made something I pinned!

First things first, Pinterest is addicting.

Hi, I’m Sara, and I’m addicted to Pinterest.

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I’m a very visual person and I lean towards ADHD. So Pinterest totally fuels both of those things in me. There are jokes that travel the Pin-osphere making fun of how obsessive people on Pinterest tend to become. It’s a great source of inspiration. But, it can also become overwhelming very quickly. You can get information overload very quickly.

But, I did the impossible! I actually MADE something I pinned on Pinterest!

A few weeks ago I saw a tutorial on the PurlBee for Pulled Fringe Napkins. I love fabric napkins. But I get bogged down with the hemming. And then I have a stack of cut but not hemmed fabric squares. Not fun. When I saw this tutorial I knew I would actually make these! You don’t have to do a real hem, you just sew tight stitches and then unravel the edges. Perfect! Also perfect: the cotton fabric I’ve been wanting to make napkins out of has a really bad tendency to unravel (probably why I hated hemming it!).

So I made 4 dinner napkins and 4 cocktail napkins.

Dinner napkins and cocktail napkins

The original tutorial used red stitching on fabric similar to mine. But my dishes are brown and blue so I went with brown for this round. I really want to make some with blue stitching also. You can never have too many napkins! And maybe some red and green ones for the holidays, too.

These napkins are not very time consuming either. I did a small tight stitch about 1/2 an inch from the edge. Then I did the decorative stitching by simply eyeballing it. I like to think that I’ve been sewing long enough to eyeball a straight line. But I kind of like some irregularity in the stitches so it doesn’t really matter if it’s perfect or not! I really like this pattern because you can just wing it. And it’s fast and you end up with a useful project in no time.

Here’s a (not so great) detail picture:

cocktail napkins detail

So if you need a fast gift for just about anything, I highly recommend this project!

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