Style Trend: Triangles

It’s no secret around here that I love making things myself. And if I can’t make it myself I want someone else to make it for me. And if neither of those are options then I’ll purchase things second hand. Only after the first three options are exhausted will I buy something new. But I guess there is an in between that I really love, too: purchasing something new that someone made. Think Etsy. If I have to buy new, I want to buy directly from the person who made it.

So, jewelry. I’ve tried to make it. And most of the time it just ends up looking like a bad home ec project. Not chic. Not awesome. Jewelry is one of the things that I don’t buy much of, but when I do I buy it new from the person who made it. Have you seen some of the jewelry in thrift shops? [shudders]

 So, here’s a round up of all the wonderful triangle things that I want really, really badly right now. But that I’m trying to find ways to DIY. No way I can pay $120 for a BRACELET. Do you even know how much food $120 can buy??
But there’s also a debate about copying anything that’s been going on lately. Is it ethically wrong for me to make my own copy of these pieces? I’m in the no, it’s not wrong camp. I’m impressed by the design work of these people, but not by the prices. I’m not making copies to sell and passing them off as my own design. If anyone complimented me on the designs, I’d totally send them back to the original designer. I think of it like this: I’ve gotten TONS of compliments on my yellow Parfait dress. My response tends to go like this: oh thank you! I made it myself from Colette’s Parfait Dress Pattern. The only difference is that the pattern is designed so you CAN make your own. These necklaces are designed so that you buy them. But, I still go back to my personal line in the sand: if you are making money from someone else’s design, that’s wrong. If you are making it for your own personal use I see no problem with it.

Oh, and if you were wondering, I prefer isosceles and equilateral triangles.

First up we have the Seif Necklace from Stone & Honey.

Seif Necklace

Seif Necklace from Stone & Honey, $76

I love the mix of turquoise and metal. And of course I love the isosceles triangles! I’m thinking a trip to a bead shop may be in order. Preferably one that will let you buy just one bead at a time instead of Joanne’s where you have to buy large packages of beads.

Next, we have the Isosceles Earrings, also from Stone & Honey.

Isosceles Earrings from Stone & Honey

Isosceles Earrings from Stone & Honey

I’m really liking gold and brass right now. They are so warm and I feel like I need that in the winter sometimes. These earrings are right up my alley. If I could just find the right sized triangle metal pieces, I’d DIY this in a heartbeat! Brilliant new thought: what if I used pieced of leather for the triangles, not pieces of metal?? I’m so gonna try that!

Tiny Triangle Rings by Stone & Honey

Tiny Triangle Rings by Stone & Honey

I really want a stack of these tiny triangle rings by Stone & Honey. They are so cute! And in both of the different metals, too.

Yellow and white leather cuff by Lauren Manoogian via Totokaelo

Yellow and white leather cuff by Lauren Manoogian via Totokaelo

This cuff is $120. It’s a painted leather slip on cuff. I’m totally going to DIY this one! It looks like all I’ll need are an old belt, an xacto knife, and some paint. Maybe a snap or two to secure it. I’ve been analyzing the pictures pretty hard since I first saw this cuff. I saw the price tag and then I immediately said to myself  “I can make that!” Lauren Manoogian has several other cuffs/bracelets in this line in various colors. Most of them have triangles cut into them in some way.

So, last but not least, what’s your opinion:

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