New beginnings

Things in the garden are growing. I look at the plants and am daily amazed at the speed of their growth. I grew this. This is my first garden all to myself so it is especially fulfilling. If all works out, we should have tomatoes before it gets too cold.

There are 3 kinds of squash growing in my garden. A friend gave me a bunch of seeds. She told me what they all were but she mixed them all up. This is probably either zucchini or yellow summer squash. Either way, delicious. And look! Mini flower buds already!

We are still full speed ahead with remodeling plans. We are finishing the painting and bathroom this week. It will be a while before I have more than garden and house updates I fear.

Today marks the first day that we only have the house. For the past month we’ve been moving slowly out of the old apartment. I think it’s finally hit me that this house is ours. No one is going to randomly take it away from us. We live here. I love it here so much. It only keeps getting better and better.

But stay tuned this week for lemoncello and the best summer cocktail.

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