Striped Hemlock Sweater


Well, I finished a few things this month!

pattern ◊ Hemlock Tee ◊ Grainline Studio
fabric ◊ polyester sweater knit ◊ Joann Fabrics
necklace ◊ valentine’s locket ◊ from Nate

DSC04317gSome details:

Finished measurements are Bust – 44.5″ ◊ Hip – 46.5″

My personal measurements are Bust – 37″ ◊ Hip – 41″

DSC04315gI’ve already gotten a lot of wear out of this, it’s super comfy and I loooove it. And it has gold sparkly stripes! Everyone at work couldn’t believe that I had made it. Fastest sweater ever.

DSC04313gI almost didn’t make this. I totally snapped a pic of this fabric a few weeks back and then I stumbled upon this sweater made by Stephanie ◊ Native Clutter ◊ makes the things and I decided to go for it.

I’m actually really glad I made this! I can see myself getting a LOT of use out of it. I’m already planning a gold/denim moss skirt to go with it for any holiday festivities I get roped into attending.

DSC04310gUgh, it’s practically the same picture every time, and the lighting is bad. But, I just found my camera! And got the battery charged! And found my mini-tripod! So, things are looking up…

Now it’s time for me to go finish the part of my next project that I’ve been avoiding…

2 thoughts on “Striped Hemlock Sweater

  1. It’s waaayyy cute Sara!! I love the metallic stripe and a gold Moss sounds PERFECT. I should actually think about holiday clothes… just in case.

    We are going to do some serious fabric shopping/sewing/mostly coffee drinking during your break! 😉


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