Olive Knit Scout Tee



Welcome to my chicken coop…I mean…I made another shirt!

pattern: scout tee ◊ grainline studio

fabric: random olive green knit from my stash that I probably bought 3 years ago



I made this shirt in one loooooong evening. I think I decided at 8pm I wanted to make it. I found this olive green knit in my stash and dove in. And came out with a finished t-shirt at 1am. Oops. I got sucked in.

I made one size smaller than the pattern suggests based on my measurements. I got all kinds of excited about my double needle and top stitched everything but the side seams. Seriously, even the shoulder and arms and hems. I love top stitching, just period. It always makes me feel like my projects look finished.

I don’t usually wear t-shirts that are sort of oversized like this, but I’m going to need to start. I love this shirt! I do prefer it with my fitted jeans as opposed to my relaxed jeans.


Back into the fray today, Thanksgiving break is officially over. So, my sewing productivity is probably going to go down. But I have so many gifts to make!

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