Oatmeal Hemlock

I made another Hemlock!!DSC04404v

This time, out of a drapey oatmeal-colored jersey I picked up down at Colorado Fabrics. The color isn’t the most exciting thing I’ve ever picked out, but I’m going for “matches as many things as possible,” here.

I made this one exactly as the pattern/instructions say, but then realized that it was waaaaay too long. There’s a fine line between slouchy-chic and dingy-old-oversized-I’ve-given-up-on-life, apparently. I cut 4″ off the bottom and then hemmed it 1/2″ and now I think it’s the perfect length.

I’m also wearing the best necklace ever. Nate got me a meteorite necklace from Ironwood! I love it sooo much. It used to be flying around in space, and now it’s around my neck. Who wouldn’t love it??


Also, these Clarks are my new favorite shoes ever. I can wear them standing up all day and not have sore or tired feet at the end of the day. AND they were 1/2 off when I bought them! Score!

Yes, we have a wood pile in our yard. Two of them, in fact.

DSC04406vCan we also take a moment to stop and appreciate how blue the sky is? That’s Denver in January for you. One day it’s 65F and sunny, the next we’ve got 6″ of snow. The sun was so bright I couldn’t hardly look up for any of these pics, apologies.


1 thought on “Oatmeal Hemlock

  1. I love this Hemlock. It’s simple, but flattering and such a great staple. Love your styling too! The meteorite necklace totally stands out and those shoes are the cutest.

    Denver is the shit.


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