Orange Plantain

A few weeks back, I was getting ready to teach my first ever sewing class (the Bicyclette Bag! There is one more class, on February 16th!) at Fancy Tiger Crafts. While I was tracing off copies of my pattern for the class, Jamie asked if I wanted to stick around and sew with them. They had the new Deer & Doe free pattern, Plantain.DSC04422v[check out my super cute Native Clutter necklace! I ❤ Stephanie‘s stuff!]

Obviously, I said YES! And went to pick out fabric. I’m a sucker for elbow patches and wouldn’t mind if all of my sweaters had them. Fancy Tiger had this awesome orange and tan striped fabric and a matching orange solid! I wanted the accents in orange and the main shirt in stripes. But, there wasn’t enough stripe. But I don’t even mind!


I cut a straight size 42 based on my bust size. I was kind of in between a 40 and 42 and went with 42. I’m trying to be better about choosing the appropriate size for my body when I sew. I don’t need a wardrobe of poorly fitting clothes. It’s a bit hard sometimes to own up to my own body measurements when I’m not 100% happy with them.


But, you know what? This shirt fits PERFECTLY. And I like how I look in it. So, let this be a lesson to me: things that fit correctly look better on your body, no matter the size. DSC04419v

Elbow patches! I love them.

My modifications:

I went with long sleeves because I realized I don’t have any long sleeved shirts that I actually like right now.

I made the elbow patches and neck trim out of contrasting fabric and added a pocket. I just folded the top of the elbow patch over for a pocket-shaped pattern piece and used that for the pocket.

I hemmed the sleeves but left the bottom of the shirt unhemmed because I liked how it was rolling up. I think I’m going to leave it like this.

I think the sizing chart is pretty accurate, depending on the weight and drape of the jersey you pick. It’s designed to be a looser, flow-ier kind of shirt. This version uses a jersey with more structure, I’ve made a second version in a jersey with more drape and the fit is definitely different. I made the same size (same paper pattern pieces and everything!) and the shirt with more drape has – gasp – more drape. This means that the hem hangs a bit longer, the neck line seems to sit a bit lower. I might actually go down a size if I make another one in a less structured jersey. Just my two cents.


But, what’s not to love about this one?! I definitely have been getting a lot of wear out of it lately. I don’t think  I would have picked this fabric and this pattern on purpose, but it is perfect. And, I bought fabric this past weekend and cut out 3 more to add to the two I already have. It’s a pleasing plethora of perfect Plantains, if I do say so myself!20140117-192535.jpg(shamelessly stolen from the Fancy Tiger blog!)

2 thoughts on “Orange Plantain

  1. This shirt really is so perfect on you! The fit is amazing and I really love the striped contrast fabric. It looks rad. And it’s not green!! Look at you branching out. Ha ha. I hear ya on measurements. Sometimes I like sewing because I can just be like ‘it’s custom’ or ’40’ because it’s some sizing system that no one understands.

    You’re so sweet. Thanks for the shout-out. 🙂


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