Peacock Gap-tastic Cowl

So, about 6 years ago I found this knit hat/cowl/something and decided that I HAD TO HAVE IT. So, I bought some awesome peacock blue bulky alpaca yarn and tried to replicate the pattern. I was knitting in brioche stitch (which I had to re-learn every time I picked up the project). And it was awful. It never ended up looking like my inspiration. So, I did something that I’m so not good at: I frogged it. Ripped it out and looked for a pattern to start over with. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve done that.


I finally decided upon the free Gap-tastic Cowl pattern by Jen Geigley. I wanted something that would be a fast knit and make good use of a bulky yarn. This pattern fit the bill perfectly.


I think this *might* have taken me 2 weeks to finish. It wasn’t long, I just didn’t knit much at any given time. I’m so glad that I took the time to rip out that failed project and re-make it into this. This yarn is so amazing and soft and warm and squishy. I wear it on most chilly days. I think it goes with everything. I usually wear it double wrapped, but it does have enough length to be triple wrapped. I even wore this skiing (triple wrapped!) and it was amazing!

DSC04416vAre you good at ripping out projects and starting over? I think my issue is that I don’t like admitting that I failed. And starting over, you have to admit that you failed. I’m getting better at that. Failing doesn’t mean that *I’m* a failure. 🙂



A Tale of a Bough and a Giant Pom

I realized a few weeks back that while I’ve been knitting for many, many years now, I only have one hat that I’ve knitted myself. And, while I do love that hat, the band around the bottom is slightly tight and makes my head hurt if I wear it too long.

So, I decided to remedy that.

grey bough blue avodcado side

If you’ve not yet seen Brooklyn Tweed’s patterns and yarn, I’m not sure whether to suggest you get yourself over there ASAP or to avoid it at all costs. The thing is, their yarn palette is absolutely perfect. And so are their patterns. I guarantee you’ll come away from their site with a long list of projects you now want to make.


Stephanie and I have been having knitting-coffee dates lately. And OMG WE ARE PRODUCTIVE! She’s made like THREE hats lately! And is amazingly gorgeous. I have the best friends. And I’ve totally got the Bray and Simple Pleasures hats on my list of things to make. Jen also has an awesome version of Bray. One day, we’re all going to hang out in our matching Brays and Archers (when I ever get around to making mine…) and just laugh at ourselves and how ridiculous we are. Seriously, every time I mention a new project I’ve been dreaming up to Stephanie she admits that she was thinking about the same pattern IN THE SAME FABRIC. Whatever, we don’t even care.

I chose Bough (ravelry link) to make for myself – mainly because I was enchanted with the pompom on the sample. The green that they chose is so perfect. That’s the other thing about the Brooklyn Tweed patterns, they always pick the perfect color for their samples and I want to copy them and use that color so bad, but I don’t. Because all of their colors are awesome, so it doesn’t matter what you pick, you can’t go wrong.

I went with gray. Specifically, Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the color Cast Iron.

pompom makingIf you’ve never made a pom-pom before, don’t be intimidated!! I had never made one before, either. I used ALL of my leftover yarn. The last thing you want is a sickly pom-pom. You want a plush, thick, solid pom-pom! Mine was a bit on the HUGE side when I finished it. It took a few trims to get it to the size it is now.

grey bough frontI really really really like this hat a lot. AND I loved knitting with Loft. I’ve heard rumors that this yarn breaks really easily and you need to be careful, especially with cables. So, I made sure to be a bit looser than usual with my knitting. I didn’t have any issues at all. Until it came time to cinch up the pom-pom. I figured that would be the point where I’d have troubles, so I was prepared. I grabbed some old grey acrylic yarn and used that to tied the center of the pom-pom super tight.

I don’t think I’ll wait another 5 years to make myself another hat. I wear this one all the time now. I need another one to add into the rotation!

P.S. That blue hoodie I’m wearing in the pics above, it’s my unblogged Avocado hoodie. I should take pics and blog that soon, huh. I made it forever ago it seems. I really want to make one in neon yellow for working out in…



WIP: Absorba the Great

Absorba the Great

Absorba, the Great Bathmat, v2.0

Mason Dixon Knitting is one of my favorite knitting books. I love almost all of their non-clothing patterns, in both books. This project, Absorba, the Great Bathmat, is one of my all time favorites – it’s right up there with the Ballband Warshrags. I knitted one of these about 6 years ago, I think. Recently it had to be retired because the cats had finally destroyed it.

Peache & Creme & Absorba

Peaches & Creme & Absorba

Great timing though – I had just ordered more Peaches & Creme double worsted cotton yarn from Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co. Who, by the way, are the absolute nicest people EVER. Seriously. Their customer services is amazing! So, I figured now was as good a time as any to get to work on a few rugs and a bathmat for the apartment. As you can see, the cones of yarn are HUGE and will make many many many rugs.

This bathmat ends up sooo squishy and soft that I want to make a few for the bedroom, too.

Absorba, close-up

Absorba, close-up

The rug is knit on large needles with double worsted weight cotton held triple stranded. All that means this that this rug knits up super fast. And I LOVE log cabin knitting, the fewer ends to sew in the happier I am!

Goodale progress

As part of my Spring/Summer wardrobe I decided to knit the Goodale cardigan.

There’s a lot to love about this pattern (check out the Ravelry page for tons of super cute versions!). The front folds over and forms my favorite design element: pockets! Also, buttons! The I-cord trim is a nice touch, too. And it’s really, really, really fast to knit.

I chose Knit Picks CotLin yarn in Whisker with which to knit it. Cotton and linen sounded like the perfect Spring/Summer yarn. The pattern requires about 7 balls of this yarn, and at $2.79/ball, that comes out to under $20. That’s my kind of knitting project!

Goodale Cardigan

Goodale cardigan, almost finished with the body!

I’m almost finished with the body and then I have the sleeves and the pockets to sew down. One more item for Me-Made-June! Yay!

I’ve knit the body longer than the pattern said to and I still think it needs a bit more length.

Goodale cardigan front

Goodale cardigan on me. Weird angle, huh? I need a tripod or a husband to help.

I’m trying to talk myself out of knitting this again in Canary, or Surf, or Moroccan Red.

This will be my first sweater since the Pirate sweater that was knit whilst sailing on my Uncle Harry’s boat in the Puget Sound one summer.