Me Made June Day 27


What I wore: red gingham violet blouse, jeans, Toms.

Where I wore it: working in the studio and to a DPS school board meeting. I worked for a couple hours on a floor length sun dress today and then walked over to the school board meeting. After 3 hours of community comments to the school board, Nate took me out to dinner.

Wear it again: this blouse is something that I love. I wore it for about 3 days straight when I first made it. I’m planning on another one at least.

That’s Walter in the pic with me. He was begging to be picked up and kissed.

Question for the comments: what do you think of peter pan collars? I think it works with this blouse. Nate says it’s not his favorite.

Me Made June day 24


Today was bike day.

I got up and biked to the garden to water and harvest.

Then I biked home for breakfast with Nate.

Then we took a loooong bike ride.

Next, we biked home for lunch.

After lunch we biked to the studio to do some work. I started a pair of shorts.

Finally we biked home for dinner.

We may bike to see friends later.

Today was all about biking everywhere.

To me, summer is all about sunshine, being hot, sweating, and gorging on fresh veggies and fruit.

So today we biked all over in the sun and I ate a huge salad from the garden.


So today I wore the weekend t-shirt dress with bike shorts. I love it!

Stupid internets and Me Made June Day 23


So our internet has been going haywire since the couch fire. I’ve been able to connect for 3 minutes at a time before our computer is just unable to connect. This means I’ve not had any luck uploading posts lately.

I apologize. So we’re going to try this app on my phone until I find a working laptop and a cheap coffee house with free WiFi.

So here’s today’s MMJ outfit taken by Nate on my camera phone.

What did you wear: lime green short sleeved cardigan, grey & white tank from Target, black cotton/linen Jenny pencil skirt (me made).

Where did you wear it: drinking coffee on the fire escape with Nate while looking at our arugula seedlings (which I really need to start calling by their alternate name: rocket), working in our newly re-arranged studio. I’m making a to do list for summer, fall/work, and wardrobe basics. I’m really excited about making underwear. Boring? No way! Bring on the stripes and crazy colors!

Wear it again: actually, yeah. I like this top/skirt combo.

Day 23 and the studio

Day 23 outfit and the studio

Me Made June Day 16

MMJ Day 16

I feel tres Parisienne in this outfit

What I Wore: red polka dot Parfait dress (me made), black gap sweater, black Toms, red-white-navy silk scarf (thrifted)
Where I Wore It: out for coffee with Nate in the morning where the barista remarked “you look cute as a button!”
Wear It Again: Judy passed up this silk scarf on our weekend thrift adventure and I snagged it for $1. And I love it. It’s a bit over the top, in a very French way. When I got this scarf Nate said to me “all women should know how to wear a scarf. It’s a forgotten art.” So it’s been my goal to find a way to wear this scarf. I’ll definitely wear this again!

Me Made June Day 15

MMJ Day 15

yes, I have 2 bikes.

What I Wore: black Jenny pencil skirt (BurdaStyle) in a cotton/linen blend, grey striped tank from Target, black cotton cardigan from Gap many years ago, black Toms shoes (I know, they are falling apart and I can’t stop wearing them!), monocle/barnacle* necklace
Where I Wore It: working in the studio, having drinks and dinner with friends on their back patio
Wear It Again: totally. I really like the combo of this skirt and tank. I think this month is dedicated to me trying harder in regards to what I am wearing. I can’t just throw on jeans and a t-shirt because I haven’t made jeans yet and I’ve only made one t-shirt and it’s got a stain on it right now and needs some repair work. This outfit is just as comfy as jeans and a t-shirt would be though. I think I need to copy this tank pattern and make another one.

*I know that the lens around my neck is NOT a barnacle, but it’s a funny story to me. One day my friend Judy and I went to Packrat Antiques: INSTRUMENTS OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. That store is epic and I want everything in it. We were looking at this antique optometrist kit with all of the different lenses in it and asked the ancient man who runs the place if we could look at the monocles or lenses (not sure what he would refer to them as). He was grumpy as can be and took them out of the case while saying “what did you call them?!?!?!” We both sort of stammered out “uh, monocles?” A big grin broke across his face and he started laughing. He told us that the week before a man had been looking at them and asked if he could buy a barnacle. So Judy and I each bought 2 to turn into necklaces and have called them barnacles ever since. Also, mine just happens to be my exact prescription.