100% local meal: spinach and farm cheese omelette & salad

omlette and salad

yay for local veggies!

This was my breakfast on Tuesday. 100% local. Yes, sometimes I crave veggies for breakfast. It’s good, you should try it some time!

For this meal I  made a salad of fresh greens from the Harrison Street Farm (we don’t really have a name for it, I just make up names) along with fresh peas (sugar snap and English) and a sliced radish. I crumbled on some farm cheese that I accidentally made and drizzled the whole thing with good olive oil and threw on some salt and pepper.

For the omelette I used 3 eggs from the farm where we get our milk share, a splash of raw milk, more of the accidental cheese, some chopped up spinach from the Harrison House Front Yard Farm, and some more radish. When I make omelettes I always whisk the eggs with a splash of milk. I don’t know why I do this, I just like the results.

close up

close up!

Just look at all of that local goodness. I felt immediately better upon eating this. It is true. My body has been anxiously awaiting local veggie season.