Thrifted Thursday: fabric!


On Saturdays Nate and I have a standing date: we get coffee and then chocolate covered donuts and go thrifting. We know all the good spots with 50% off sales.

My big find this week was this awesome tropical/hibiscus Alexander Henry print. I got 4 yards for $1!!!! That is a major score!

The tropical print makes me think of summer and 50’s pin-up with a flower behind their ear. I plan on making a floor length sun dress out of it. I think I’ll probably take the Parfait pattern (since it fits so well!) and just lengthen the skirt pieces to floor length. I can’t wait to get started, actually!

Thrifted Thursday

Nate and I have a weekly date on Saturdays. We go thrifting together. There are several thrift stores in town that we pretty much visit every single Saturday. And they all have 50% off sales on Saturdays.

On Thursdays I’ll run down some of my favorite thrifting finds each week!

This may be the most epic find so far. A vintage Singer 66. It’s electric, still has the original light bulb, is in a table, and only needs minor electrical work and LOTS of dusting.

Singer 66 Electric

Singer 66 Electric, from 1948

Price: $4.99!! What?!?! Yes. $4.99. There was no price tag on it, so I plugged it in, determined that the motor did indeed work, if only sporadically (minor electrical problems, the wires were not shielded and were shorting each other out), and found an employee to ask about the machine. I told the guy that it didn’t work and he said “how about $4.99?” I said “SOLD! I’ll pick it up in 2 minutes out back!” It wasn’t eligible for the 50% off sale. Shucks, $4.99 is SO much compared to $2.49.

Nate figures he needs $10 to fix everything on it. $15 for a working vintage Singer machine? Deal of the century.

Another sweet deal, hand quilted (I think) queen-sized 8-pointed prairie star quilt.

Prairie Star Quilt

close up of the 8-pointed prairie star quilt

I think we paid $7 for this. It looks super cute on our bed. The quilt is not in the absolute best condition, but it’s better than what we had and it only has to last until mom finishes our wedding quilt.

Prairie Star Quilt on the bed

Harry approved! Sometimes I forget just how large that cat is.