Peacock Gap-tastic Cowl

So, about 6 years ago I found this knit hat/cowl/something and decided that I HAD TO HAVE IT. So, I bought some awesome peacock blue bulky alpaca yarn and tried to replicate the pattern. I was knitting in brioche stitch (which I had to re-learn every time I picked up the project). And it was awful. It never ended up looking like my inspiration. So, I did something that I’m so not good at: I frogged it. Ripped it out and looked for a pattern to start over with. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve done that.


I finally decided upon the free Gap-tastic Cowl pattern by Jen Geigley. I wanted something that would be a fast knit and make good use of a bulky yarn. This pattern fit the bill perfectly.


I think this *might* have taken me 2 weeks to finish. It wasn’t long, I just didn’t knit much at any given time. I’m so glad that I took the time to rip out that failed project and re-make it into this. This yarn is so amazing and soft and warm and squishy. I wear it on most chilly days. I think it goes with everything. I usually wear it double wrapped, but it does have enough length to be triple wrapped. I even wore this skiing (triple wrapped!) and it was amazing!

DSC04416vAre you good at ripping out projects and starting over? I think my issue is that I don’t like admitting that I failed. And starting over, you have to admit that you failed. I’m getting better at that. Failing doesn’t mean that *I’m* a failure. 🙂



Orange Plantain

A few weeks back, I was getting ready to teach my first ever sewing class (the Bicyclette Bag! There is one more class, on February 16th!) at Fancy Tiger Crafts. While I was tracing off copies of my pattern for the class, Jamie asked if I wanted to stick around and sew with them. They had the new Deer & Doe free pattern, Plantain.DSC04422v[check out my super cute Native Clutter necklace! I ❤ Stephanie‘s stuff!]

Obviously, I said YES! And went to pick out fabric. I’m a sucker for elbow patches and wouldn’t mind if all of my sweaters had them. Fancy Tiger had this awesome orange and tan striped fabric and a matching orange solid! I wanted the accents in orange and the main shirt in stripes. But, there wasn’t enough stripe. But I don’t even mind!


I cut a straight size 42 based on my bust size. I was kind of in between a 40 and 42 and went with 42. I’m trying to be better about choosing the appropriate size for my body when I sew. I don’t need a wardrobe of poorly fitting clothes. It’s a bit hard sometimes to own up to my own body measurements when I’m not 100% happy with them.


But, you know what? This shirt fits PERFECTLY. And I like how I look in it. So, let this be a lesson to me: things that fit correctly look better on your body, no matter the size. DSC04419v

Elbow patches! I love them.

My modifications:

I went with long sleeves because I realized I don’t have any long sleeved shirts that I actually like right now.

I made the elbow patches and neck trim out of contrasting fabric and added a pocket. I just folded the top of the elbow patch over for a pocket-shaped pattern piece and used that for the pocket.

I hemmed the sleeves but left the bottom of the shirt unhemmed because I liked how it was rolling up. I think I’m going to leave it like this.

I think the sizing chart is pretty accurate, depending on the weight and drape of the jersey you pick. It’s designed to be a looser, flow-ier kind of shirt. This version uses a jersey with more structure, I’ve made a second version in a jersey with more drape and the fit is definitely different. I made the same size (same paper pattern pieces and everything!) and the shirt with more drape has – gasp – more drape. This means that the hem hangs a bit longer, the neck line seems to sit a bit lower. I might actually go down a size if I make another one in a less structured jersey. Just my two cents.


But, what’s not to love about this one?! I definitely have been getting a lot of wear out of it lately. I don’t think  I would have picked this fabric and this pattern on purpose, but it is perfect. And, I bought fabric this past weekend and cut out 3 more to add to the two I already have. It’s a pleasing plethora of perfect Plantains, if I do say so myself!20140117-192535.jpg(shamelessly stolen from the Fancy Tiger blog!)

Oatmeal Hemlock

I made another Hemlock!!DSC04404v

This time, out of a drapey oatmeal-colored jersey I picked up down at Colorado Fabrics. The color isn’t the most exciting thing I’ve ever picked out, but I’m going for “matches as many things as possible,” here.

I made this one exactly as the pattern/instructions say, but then realized that it was waaaaay too long. There’s a fine line between slouchy-chic and dingy-old-oversized-I’ve-given-up-on-life, apparently. I cut 4″ off the bottom and then hemmed it 1/2″ and now I think it’s the perfect length.

I’m also wearing the best necklace ever. Nate got me a meteorite necklace from Ironwood! I love it sooo much. It used to be flying around in space, and now it’s around my neck. Who wouldn’t love it??


Also, these Clarks are my new favorite shoes ever. I can wear them standing up all day and not have sore or tired feet at the end of the day. AND they were 1/2 off when I bought them! Score!

Yes, we have a wood pile in our yard. Two of them, in fact.

DSC04406vCan we also take a moment to stop and appreciate how blue the sky is? That’s Denver in January for you. One day it’s 65F and sunny, the next we’ve got 6″ of snow. The sun was so bright I couldn’t hardly look up for any of these pics, apologies.