The first Brandywine grown from seed – amazingly delicious

Never ending piles of zucchini – I keep thinking about zucchini pickles

The chickens are getting big – I think they call me “the bringer of treats”

Nate and I got one last camping trip in before school started again

I grew a monster zucchini so that I could save the seeds. It weighed in at 16.3lbs!

I went to the Denver Zoo for the first time. The elephant show is awesome!

We now are harvesting POUNDS of tomatoes each day. I need to can these ASAP. I will probably make oven dried tomatoes, as well. 30 tomato plants is a lot. Nate is happy because this is the first time in his life that he’s ever had more tomatoes than he can eat.

This orange striped bee has been visiting our wildflower patch lately. I’ve never seen one with this coloration before.

I really want to make a pair of these leggings in some merino wool and as running tights, too bad the pattern is ridiculously expensive.

I’m excited for fall. We are going to try some cover crops and some fall crops with row covers. The big hen house is nearing completion, the girls are definitely ready for more room. I’m ready for sweaters and boots and knitting and chai. Summer into fall always seems to make me introspective.



It’s been raining all morning. I got up early and drank coffee with Nate and then went for a run. I’ve been feeling pretty introspective lately, and this morning was just what I needed.

Mentally, I’ve needed to figure some things out. I’m getting there. It’s just slower than I anticipated.

The garden is loving this rain. I’ve not needed to water for 4 days so far. Highly unusual for Colorado.

The girls are getting big!


Stripes really likes roosting on my arm so she can see what’s going on around her. Buffy makes lots of noise when she sees me walk past their box. She really likes exploring. The little girls are all doing awesome. We have 7 total. We might add one more chick this week.


Sometimes I miss the south and the stormy, overcast weather. And the way everything just grows. But, I really love Colorado. I’m glad we’ve made our home here.


Well, we ordered our chicks! We decided to go with My Pet Chicken. We ordered 10 chicks, 2 each of 5 different breeds. The chicks won’t be here until July due to availability of the breeds we ordered. But, I figure that gives us plenty of time to build the coop and learn about what we just got ourselves into.

Our goal is to build the coop a cheaply as possible. Nate has been scouring the free section of CraigsList for building materials.

We are getting two Australorps, two Buff Orpingtons, two Silver Laced Wyandottes, two Gold Laced Wyandottes, and two Colombian Wyandottes.


I think the Wyandottes are my favorite, they look like their feathers have been traced with a sharpie. I love it! They are also a friendly breed that is cold hardy and are good layers. Sounds perfect for Colorado!

I’m super excited about the chickens. Nate is super excited about building the coop together. So, he’s working on design ideas and I got to pick the breeds. I’m happy with that division of labor.

Spring Is In the Air

The weather actually cooperated a few weekends back! Nate and I did a few things around the yard. The yard itself actually needs some spring cleaning. We built our first compost bins ever!


We used 5 pallets I got from work and cedar pickets – from our old fence that collapsed when we moved in – to fill in the gaps.



I think we will eventually add some doors to the bins. The cats seem to think its their own personal litter box. Yuck.

We also split a bunch of wood. Nate found a bunch of green wood in the fall for free. We let it dry out some over the winter and it was ready to be split. It’ll be ready for next winter.

Nate taught me how to split logs, too!


He was faster than me, so he did more of the splitting.


We are both really ready for spring weather to stick around for a while.


After working outside all day, we stopped in at Wit’s End Brewery for a drink. Scott, the owner, is one of the nicest people. Every time we go in he remembers our names. It’s awesome having such a great brewery a mere 1.2 miles from the house!