A Tale of a Bough and a Giant Pom

I realized a few weeks back that while I’ve been knitting for many, many years now, I only have one hat that I’ve knitted myself. And, while I do love that hat, the band around the bottom is slightly tight and makes my head hurt if I wear it too long.

So, I decided to remedy that.

grey bough blue avodcado side

If you’ve not yet seen Brooklyn Tweed’s patterns and yarn, I’m not sure whether to suggest you get yourself over there ASAP or to avoid it at all costs. The thing is, their yarn palette is absolutely perfect. And so are their patterns. I guarantee you’ll come away from their site with a long list of projects you now want to make.


Stephanie and I have been having knitting-coffee dates lately. And OMG WE ARE PRODUCTIVE! She’s made like THREE hats lately! And is amazingly gorgeous. I have the best friends. And I’ve totally got the Bray and Simple Pleasures hats on my list of things to make. Jen also has an awesome version of Bray. One day, we’re all going to hang out in our matching Brays and Archers (when I ever get around to making mine…) and just laugh at ourselves and how ridiculous we are. Seriously, every time I mention a new project I’ve been dreaming up to Stephanie she admits that she was thinking about the same pattern IN THE SAME FABRIC. Whatever, we don’t even care.

I chose Bough (ravelry link) to make for myself – mainly because I was enchanted with the pompom on the sample. The green that they chose is so perfect. That’s the other thing about the Brooklyn Tweed patterns, they always pick the perfect color for their samples and I want to copy them and use that color so bad, but I don’t. Because all of their colors are awesome, so it doesn’t matter what you pick, you can’t go wrong.

I went with gray. Specifically, Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the color Cast Iron.

pompom makingIf you’ve never made a pom-pom before, don’t be intimidated!! I had never made one before, either. I used ALL of my leftover yarn. The last thing you want is a sickly pom-pom. You want a plush, thick, solid pom-pom! Mine was a bit on the HUGE side when I finished it. It took a few trims to get it to the size it is now.

grey bough frontI really really really like this hat a lot. AND I loved knitting with Loft. I’ve heard rumors that this yarn breaks really easily and you need to be careful, especially with cables. So, I made sure to be a bit looser than usual with my knitting. I didn’t have any issues at all. Until it came time to cinch up the pom-pom. I figured that would be the point where I’d have troubles, so I was prepared. I grabbed some old grey acrylic yarn and used that to tied the center of the pom-pom super tight.

I don’t think I’ll wait another 5 years to make myself another hat. I wear this one all the time now. I need another one to add into the rotation!

P.S. That blue hoodie I’m wearing in the pics above, it’s my unblogged Avocado hoodie. I should take pics and blog that soon, huh. I made it forever ago it seems. I really want to make one in neon yellow for working out in…



Olive Knit Scout Tee



Welcome to my chicken coop…I mean…I made another shirt!

pattern: scout tee ◊ grainline studio

fabric: random olive green knit from my stash that I probably bought 3 years ago



I made this shirt in one loooooong evening. I think I decided at 8pm I wanted to make it. I found this olive green knit in my stash and dove in. And came out with a finished t-shirt at 1am. Oops. I got sucked in.

I made one size smaller than the pattern suggests based on my measurements. I got all kinds of excited about my double needle and top stitched everything but the side seams. Seriously, even the shoulder and arms and hems. I love top stitching, just period. It always makes me feel like my projects look finished.

I don’t usually wear t-shirts that are sort of oversized like this, but I’m going to need to start. I love this shirt! I do prefer it with my fitted jeans as opposed to my relaxed jeans.


Back into the fray today, Thanksgiving break is officially over. So, my sewing productivity is probably going to go down. But I have so many gifts to make!

Jamie Jeans – Part 1 (of many, many more)


I made jeans!!!

pattern: Jamie Jeans Named Clothing

fabric: dark stretch denim that’s been in my stash for YEARS ◊ Joann Fabrics

And, it’s almost 70 degrees here in Denver on the day after Thanksgiving. I ❤ you, Denver.


According to the pattern, my hips fall into a size 42 and my waist into a size 44. So, I ordered that size pattern and graded between the two sizes. I’m a bit concerned that I actually need one more size down (size 40), but the patterns only come two to a file. The pattern calls for a 1cm or 2/5″ seam allowance. I don’t know anyone who uses 5ths of an inch for anything. So, I guessed that 2/5″ is pretty darn close to 3/8″ and used that for my seam allowances. Based on the pictures, I thought this was going to be a pretty fitted, skinny jean type fit. Maybe I did something wrong? Because these are super loose and relaxed fit in my book. Everything is a bit baggy. Don’t get me wrong, I still love them and have worn them every day! I just was not expecting the fit to be as loose as it is.


The back pockets are in two pieces which gives a nice detail. I top stitched EVERYTHING obsessively. I think that and pressing as you go make all the difference in the world when it comes to the final garment looking professional.

A lot of people have complained about the pattern pieces being nested and having to trace off of the printed pattern. I just printed several copies so that I could just cut out what I needed. I’m apparently faster at printing and taping than I am at tracing. I did try to trace and got irritated and upset. So I just printed another copy so I could stop being upset. 🙂


I used some of my favorite space ship fabric to line the pockets with. It makes me immensely happy when I see it.


The fly turned out AWESOME. And the pockets. Hi, that’s my crotch. But, check it! A perfect jeans fly! I used this awesome tutorial that I found on Meg’s blog meggiepeg. It worked like a charm. She recommended that you not cut one side of the fly-flap-thing shorter than the other like the pattern calls for and then follow the instructions in the tutorial. So, I tried it and it worked beautifully!


And more top stitching down the front leg seam. I think this detail is one of my favorite. Apparently I’m really digging the seam down the front of the legs look because I’ve been drooling over the Papercut ooh la leggings. I’m seriously buying some knit wool and making those as soon as I get my hands on the pattern.

DSC04359gI did have a few OMG WTF moments when I was putting on the waistband. I had SOOOOO MUCH ease in the pants that I was trying to spread out into the waistband. I realized later that I had forgotten to put on the fly shield and that helped. Then, I realized I was opening up my zipper fly into the waistband in a weird way that made things not line up. Guys, this is my first pair of pants in about 12 years. So, all things considered, I think they turned out awesome. And wearable! And, I made them in about 2 days. What.

I’m ordering some more stretch denim soon so that I can make a pair that is more fitted. I think this next time I’m going to use 5/8″ seam allowances and probably flat fell some of the seams. I ❤ flat felling seams. Why, I don’t know. It’s got something to do with my dislike of raw edges and serged edges. And, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this solves some of my fit woes/wants. Otherwise, I might need to see about getting a size smaller pattern.

Once I get the fit the way I want it, then I’m planning on making several pairs of these. I want to make a black twill pair for work. Probably a pinstripe pair, as well. And, several in denim of different colors and weights. If I can get these fitting well, then this will be my idea of the perfect pants pattern ever. How’s that for a glowing endorsement?