Spring Is In the Air

The weather actually cooperated a few weekends back! Nate and I did a few things around the yard. The yard itself actually needs some spring cleaning. We built our first compost bins ever!


We used 5 pallets I got from work and cedar pickets – from our old fence that collapsed when we moved in – to fill in the gaps.



I think we will eventually add some doors to the bins. The cats seem to think its their own personal litter box. Yuck.

We also split a bunch of wood. Nate found a bunch of green wood in the fall for free. We let it dry out some over the winter and it was ready to be split. It’ll be ready for next winter.

Nate taught me how to split logs, too!


He was faster than me, so he did more of the splitting.


We are both really ready for spring weather to stick around for a while.


After working outside all day, we stopped in at Wit’s End Brewery for a drink. Scott, the owner, is one of the nicest people. Every time we go in he remembers our names. It’s awesome having such a great brewery a mere 1.2 miles from the house!