Pattern Crushes

I have lots of patterns, but there are still a few that I really, really want to get my hands on. And soon!

Here are some of my favorites…

Colette Patterns' new Clover Pant

I really want to make some cute skinny pants. And this pattern looks to have the fit I want. Plus, all the pictures I’ve seen lately are amazing!

Check out the Colette Patterns Flickr group for tons of inspiration. There are several Colette patterns that I’ve decided I may make after all once I saw them made up!

Colette Paterns' Jasmine blouse

I’ve really been crushing on semi-sheer silk blouses with bows on the front lately. And then Sarai had to come and release the exact pattern I needed! I still can’t believe I don’t own this pattern yet. I’m probably going to make about 27 of these: burnt orange, cream, polka dots, stripes, peacock blue, etc.

Colette Peony dress

This is one that I really didn’t find all that flattering until I saw several on the Colette Flickr page. Check out lladybird’s version here. Holy crap, she’s so cute! And from Nashville, too!

This next pattern really surprised me, also.

Sewaholic's newest, the Minoru Jacket

Um, if you haven’t seen this jacket yet you owe it to yourself to go search for some pictures RIGHT NOW. I’ll be honest, I haven’t liked the other 3 patterns that Tasia has put out at all. But, I’m a bit bustier than she is. But, OMG I WANT THIS JACKET! And a girl can never have too many jackets, can she?

And, check out this tutorial on sewing waterproof clothing! EXACTLY the information I’ve been looking for for a long time.

I know I’ve mentioned this next one before. Remind me why I don’t own it yet?

Vintage Vogue Reissue V8728

There are some really cute versions of this floating around the intertubes. I want one in peacock blue. To wear under sweaters and with boots this winter. And by itself in the summer. Basically, I would never take this dress off. Oh, and can I please have those bangles the model has on? They are my favorite shade of yellow.

What patterns are you crushing on right now?

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