It’s been raining all morning. I got up early and drank coffee with Nate and then went for a run. I’ve been feeling pretty introspective lately, and this morning was just what I needed.

Mentally, I’ve needed to figure some things out. I’m getting there. It’s just slower than I anticipated.

The garden is loving this rain. I’ve not needed to water for 4 days so far. Highly unusual for Colorado.

The girls are getting big!


Stripes really likes roosting on my arm so she can see what’s going on around her. Buffy makes lots of noise when she sees me walk past their box. She really likes exploring. The little girls are all doing awesome. We have 7 total. We might add one more chick this week.


Sometimes I miss the south and the stormy, overcast weather. And the way everything just grows. But, I really love Colorado. I’m glad we’ve made our home here.

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