Wardrobe Architect: Some thoughts

The Wardrobe Architect

I don’t know if you guys follow the Colette Patterns blog, the Coletterie, or not. But, Sarai has recently started a series of blog posts that really hit home with me. She’s calling the series Wardrobe Architect. I’ve really been feeling the need lately to be more focused with my clothes sewing and this series comes at the perfect time for me. I’ve been looking at my closet and wondering why I’ve bought or made some of the things in there.

“I believe that one of the main functions of fashion is to tell a story about yourself to the world.” – Sarai

I thought I’d be fun to get into a few of the things Sarai talks about in her blog posts:

Think about all the ways you are different, and how that can be reflected in your identity:

  • History: Your personal history and life events.
  • Philosophy: Your religion, spirituality, or general philosophy.
  • Culture: Your cultural background and the aesthetic values you grew up with.
  • Community: Your friends and the people around you.
  • Activities: Your interests, activities, and hobbies.
  • Location: Where you live.
  • Body: How you feel about your body.

Today, I’m going to give you a little bit of my personal history, take a little trip down memory lane, if you will.

I’m the oldest of 4 kids.

sara and grandma edithYep, that’s me in the glasses. That’s my Grandma Edith with all of us kids. My favorite things growing up were climbing trees and reading books. The only time you could really get me to sit still was if I had a good fantasy novel in my hands. I remember the first time I stayed home alone, I was reading the Lord of the Rings and I was terrified that the nazgul were going to come in the house and get me before my parents got home. Oh, yeah. I also had an overactive imagination. When we played games together, it was usually something like Robin Hood or G.I. Joes. I was always Robin Hood, my sister Jinny was usually Maid Marion. I was definitely a tomboy. And that has always impacted how I’ve chosen to dress. I still climb trees and dislike clothes that don’t let me do so.

In college, I discovered the punk and hardcore music scenes.

young punk saraThat face. Punk and hardcore definitely appealed to the tomboy in me. I liked being one of the girls that was into that kind of stuff. There were never as many girls as there were boys. Come to think of it, I always had a difficult time knowing how to be friends with girls when I was younger. This was my uniform for many years: jeans, all black converse, black shirt or tank or hoodie, studded belt, Dickies messenger bag, pocket knife or Leatherman tool (hey! you never know when you’ll need that stuff!). I seriously had an amazing collection of black t-shirts.

sara fixing shirley templeI always had a love for making and doing, and joined a freak bike club. Yes, we built and welded the craziest bikes we could imagine. And, then we rode them and hoped that they wouldn’t crumble underneath our weight. Come to think of it, I don’t remember any bikes ever breaking under normal use. As with all things, there was a fair amount of non-normal use, let’s see what we an actually get away with, going on. I’m fixing something on my tall bike, Shirley Temple, in the picture above. She was pink and purple and had pink and purple streamers and pink and purple rhinestones glued all over her. And the seat was 6 feet off the ground. And I made a pink and purple tutu to wear while riding her. I never wrecked on that bike, either. I got pretty good at welding, too.

When I started dating Nate, he told me “you know, you don’t have to wear just black. You can wear other colors, too.”

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