Me-Made-June Day 7

MMJ Day 7

the only picture in which I'm smiling

Outfit details:
t-shirt: Fancy Tiger
skirt: self-drafted jean skirt, following Cal Patch’s method in Design it Yourself Clothes
shoes: thrifted leather sandals

All this week we are packing up our entire school building so that we can move this summer. This posed a dilemma for me: I wasn’t sure what to wear to pack up my classroom that I had made. And I wasn’t sure that I even really wanted to wear this skirt this month. It’s OK, but it’s not one of my favorite me-made things. And I guess that’s kind of the point of this challenge, after all. It’s not a bad skirt. And I did get complements on it today at work. It’s just rather large on me and I feel that it’s not the most flattering either. But it was good to pack in. And the pockets are HUGE which is also a plus when you are packing and cleaning years worth of stuff into boxes. I was so worn out that by the time I got home at 4:30, Nate and I both passed out. I almost didn’t have enough daylight left for pictures.

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